So...today is Tuesday...a day that comes every week & drags on...and on...
A friend at work & I have called it "Terrible Tuesday" for years....hoping one week it would get better & trying to find ways throughout the day to make it more "terrific"!

Well, today I found 2 things to turn my "terrible" into "terrific"!

First, I got an email from DSW, which was showcasing their new line of shoes,
 from the Miss. America pageant!
 I found a handful of shoes from that collection alone that I MUST HAVE!

Here's some of my faves:

You can find these shoes HERE!

And then....after a few hours later I decided I needed a real pick me up!

So, at my office, we have this fancy-pants coffee/tea maker. You buy a "flavor" from a vending machine, for 50 cents & put the packet into a machine & put your cup underneath, and out comes your fresh cup of hotness!
 I've started to get one around 3:00 everyday!

Today, I tried a new flavor....and found my "terrible" Tuesday instantly became "terrific"!

My new-found flavor of choice is...

So - if you ever find your Tuesdays aren't so "terrific" - just look around you...in an email or the vending machine & hopefully your Tuesday
will turn out to be not-so-terrible, just like mine did!
Hopefully ~
next Tuesday I will have the same "luck" in staying on the "terrific" side of the day!!

Have a great rest of the week!!


  1. I love Marvelous Monday's, Terrific Tuesday's, Wonderful Wednesday's, Thankful Thursday's and Fabulous Friday's!! This is how I greet my fellow co-workers each day of the week. Since we must work, we might as well have an awesome day!!