My 1st Tablescape!

I wanted to do a baby shower for my first theme...and I love the pink and yellow together. I learned a lot of IMPORTANT lessons from this tablescape! First, don't try to do anything like this at 8pm! Although I had some really bright spotlights, the natural sunlight would have been 100x's better! Second, I think I may need a professional photographer to work with on these projects! My $100 digital camera didn't exactly do what I wanted it to. And last, my table needs MORE!

So...here are the photos that I chose to show off! I'm very proud of these table features!

       loved these "lemonade" flavor candies!

       marshmallow pops w/ mango juice!

       pink pails with soap and lotion - party favors!

        My 1st Tablescape!



After about 10 revisions, Jenni and I finalized the logo!
Thanks to Jenni @ www.sugapink.com!