2011 Goals!

 Here’s the long-awaited list of goals I
 have set for the  first 6 months of 2011!
It’s taken a few weeks to get these completed.
I had a meeting with one of my good friends/business & life coach, she helps keep me focused & also helped prioritize my list of things I want & need to accomplish to get LF Events launched, here is that list! (
Thanks, D~)

* Finalize all “legal” paperwork
* Join local networking group
* Get more “BLOG” friendly
* Finish website
* Continue education with classes in Marketing/Entrepreneurship & certification courses for Wedding & Event planning
* Build relationships with local vendors
* Plan a June/July official “launch” party
* Finalize the planning & coordination for my first bride, who is getting married in August!

I will update you all with my progress! I hope to have a fun & fabulous 2011, as I take my dream to a new level! I wish you all the best with your goals in this new year as well!


  1. You go girl! Such an amazing goal list, you have great things coming your way!

  2. Ditto Melissa!!! She took the words right out of my mouth!