Sunshine State Party People!

I know...I'm SO behind with blogging for LF Events...and will be moreso, now that I've relocated to Savannah. SO - for my farewell to LF Events, for now, here's the picture from our
Martha Stewart, Dreamers Into Doers, Sunshine State Party People - November 2011 brunch!

You can follow me on my personal blog, pink horseshoes - I'm going to be starting a new journey, in Savannah, Georgia! Thanks for all your support.


What I've been up to!

Hi Friends!
Lately, I've been super busy with some LFE related stuff & some personal fun!

Over the holiday weekend...I made a 5 layer rainbow cake along w/ homemade butter cream! I think it turned out GREAT for my first attempt. I was practicing for my daughter's birthday party in 3 weeks...but I actually didn't like the "look" of the cake & so I'm not going to do it for her party!
My kids DID love the cake & it's almost gone!

So, like I said, I've been working on major planning & details for my daughter's 2nd birthday, on the 25th! Of course, she isn't nearly as concerned as I am, but I want everything to look perfect...so I have 3 separate lists to work from. The "to-buy" list, the "to-make" list, & then the "i-wish" list! Last night, I made a mini-cake topper bunting! I am so proud of it...& it was so easy! I will share all those details soon enough!

And last, I'm working on a 3-day extravaganza party for my best friend. It's 3 days, in another city, no details spared! I'm getting more & more excited about the details & planning! (good thing I'm invited!!)
Here's a picture of the resort & spa we're going to stay at!

So, that's about it...for now! More to come soon!


It's Wedding Wednesday - Recap Style!

As most of you know, I've been planning and coordinating my VERY first client's wedding now, almost exactly a year ago, I started!
She was a fun, DIY, budget bride...with lots of COLOR behind her vision.
I've shared along the way everything...
from our dream boards, to the dresses, to the venues.

The past Saturday, was THE big day!
There were a few minor issues throughout the day...
but almost ALL of the day was perfect!
From the singers at the church, she walked down the aisle to "So Amazing" by Luther Vandross, performed by an amazing vocalist...to the jumping of the broom...to the brightness & POP of the tangerine & fuschia reception venue! There was so much personalization EVERYWHERE.
An entry way of pictures, from when the couple first met
to a double dose of engagment shots!
some dancing shoes...tangerine uplighting...
a custom-made (by the groom!) card box...
and a "love is sweet" cookie buffet - with milk!
AND - there was no garter taken off, no bouquet thrown,
& DEFINITELY no money dancing!
& I was very PROUD of the bride for deciding against those OH-SO traditonal elements!

I'm going to share a few sneaks that the catering company sent me,
to hold me until the photographer sends his over!

But first, I just want to say that this entire experience, from start to finish, was a "dream" for me in so many ways. I had an idea..."I think I wanna be a wedding planner..." inspired at that time, over a year ago, by a few fun celeb planners! I NEVER imagined I would get the chance to see if my "idea" was going to be the "it" thing for me. I always seem to go in circles with what I want to be when I grow up...& decided to persue this, start LF Events, & make a go of it. Although, I have a VERY long, long way to go with my business....I'm proud of what I've accomplished in a year! I am dedicated to working harder & smarter to achieve more and more of my goals! I have met a few of the best in the business, and I let their words of motivation & inspiration continue to guide me!

....so on with a few pictures!


I will put up more pictures once I get some more!
Have a great rest of the week!


Wedding in the City ~ Dream Board!

Happy Wedding Wednesday!

Today, I'm sharing a dream board, inspired by a friend,
who's dreaming of a NYC wedding!
I hope you all enjoy the CORAL, TAUPE, & PURPLE...
and definitely all CITY-CHIC!


I'm Baaaack!

Hi Everyone!

I'm back....& better than ever!
I've had my first wedding as a planner & am ready to get LF Events officially launched!

Tonight, my website LF Events went LIVE!
A special thanks to two very important & amazing designers, who have helped me get my business where I wanted it to be before I launched!
Kori w/ Paper & Pigtails  &  Michele w/ Intrigue Design Group !

I'm working on an amazing "Wedding in the City" inspiration board for a friend,
that I will have up by Friday!

That's all for now!




It's been almost a month since my last post...
I've been so busy being a wife, mom, employee,
& wedding planner that I've neglected my blog!

Just a few things to share... 

My latest fun project! Making cake pops!
I'm not a PRO by any means...but these came out so cute & I am very proud of them!
I made these for my friend's daughter's 1st birthday...

And, I've decided to take a BLOGGY break!
(not that I'm around much on here anyways...)
I stress every day wondering what to blog about...when not very much is happening with LF Events right now that I can "show off"! BUT, things are happening behind the scenes! I've consulted a wedding planning business coach, I'm writing up all my important documents (biz plan, services, pricing, etc...) & also continuing to plan my August bride's wedding weekend! AND - next month I'm doing a 4 day apprenticeship with a local event planning company! I need to learn, research, absorb, & do all this the RIGHT way! I'm so motivated & ready to PLAN away...that I've forgotten some KEY elements to having & maintaining a successful business!

So - this is my last post for awhile...so I can get my act together!
Thanks to all of you for your support...

TALK & BLOG soon!


Wedding Wednesday - LOVE IS SWEET!

It's COOKIE time!
At least for my bride & her groom! She's moved away from a traditional 3 tiered cake...AND on to a cookie, cupcake, & smaller cake type of dessert table! I am actually a HUGE fan of dessert tables & LOVE sweets...so this was GREAT news for me! She sent me a photo of one she is a "fan" of (top photo!) & then I found a few more. She is going with the theme LOVE IS SWEET...which just makes this table all the more SWEETER!! AUGUST is coming fast, we're in the 5 month countdown now...