Wedding Wednesday - LOVE IS SWEET!

It's COOKIE time!
At least for my bride & her groom! She's moved away from a traditional 3 tiered cake...AND on to a cookie, cupcake, & smaller cake type of dessert table! I am actually a HUGE fan of dessert tables & LOVE sweets...so this was GREAT news for me! She sent me a photo of one she is a "fan" of (top photo!) & then I found a few more. She is going with the theme LOVE IS SWEET...which just makes this table all the more SWEETER!! AUGUST is coming fast, we're in the 5 month countdown now...


Wifey - Mondays!

I've been sick the past week...& am ready to get back to business!
Today's post is sharing a salad dressing recipe & sharing my newest purchases!

First, the recipe!

I didn't actually make it, hubs did! He's VERY picky with dressing,
so he decided to make his own!
He created a WONDERFUL Greek salad...lettuce, onions, feta, ham, & greek peppers...
And topped it off with this dressing! SO quick & yummy!!

Next, I want share a few of my purchases to help benefit the hubs...in a few different ways!
I joined E-MEALZ!

So far - I love it. I got 2 weeks worth of menus yesterday & went & got the ingridients to make a few this week! I'm so excited. It was so easy to sign up & $15 for 3 months will pay off with easy recipes, shopping lists, & a happy man!!

Which is why I HAD to go & buy this next thing!
If I'm going to cook more...I needed to look CUTE in the kitchen!!
So, I got a
Flirty Apron!
Here's the one I ordered! I can't wait for it to arrive!
I'm pretty certain hubs is going to LOVE it!



This will be short & sweet!

Here it is!!
I can't say THANK YOU enough to
Kori, from
Paper & Pigtails, for this amazing design!
She took my vision for LF Events to a new level, it's simply amazing, & SHE is simply amazing!


Wedding Wednesday...on Thursday!

Happy March!
This is my ABSOLUTE favorite month...of course, my birthday is this month!

Here's my LATE Wedding Wednesday post...showing off more elements of the wedding I'm currently planning. I just LOVE the Tangerine & Fuchsia colors together!

*photo credits*
 Mens Wear - Reception Tables - Cake -
(unfortuntely, I can't find the cake table picture again! This is just a sample of what she wants it to look like, following her colors & theme, LOVE! I would love to link back...so, if anyone knows, let me know!)

Happy Thursday & Have a great rest of the week!