11th Birthday Party - Tampa Bay Rays & Baseball Theme

The party finally came! It was fun & simple...aside from the limo stealing the show, picking up all the kids & dropping them off at the party! I doubt they even noticed all the little touches I added & had been planning for weeks. That's ok...I just wanted my son to have a great time with his friends, as this was the first party I've created/designed for one of my kids.
Enjoy the pictures!!

...let the party begin!

cookie decorating!

some of the designer cookies!

The Birthday Boy!

a few special mentions...
 ~Ticket invitations designed by magicdesignsusa (found on Etsy) & me!
~Rays printables by Party Dreamz
~Creative inspiration from parties by Couture Parties & Kate



Hey Everyone! I thought today I would just post some pictures from the (2) venues I've selected so far.

One is for my son's 11th birthday party in a few weeks...and the other is for my client's wedding reception next August.

The park:

Doesn't this look like fun?

Lots of room for a egg relay race!

And - here's my bride's reception venue:

An open canvas to make this AMAZING!

I hope you're all having a nice weekend! Stay tuned for more this week...I will be creating an ornament for an exchange through the Children's Party Network and doing lots of preparation for my son's party in a few weeks! I can't wait to post everything! Have a great week!


The caterer is booked!

I've been busy between working my "regular" job and also trying to plan my first client's wedding! This past Sunday, we met with our 2nd catering company...and signed the contract! The tasting consisted of Chicken Marsala, Honey-Glazed Carrots, and Potatoes. It was all delish! My bride was very happy and so we ended our search there! If you're in my area, you should definitely check them out, Catering by Robert. I'm getting a cd from a photographer tomorrow to see her work, because she is a school teacher by day, photographer by night and on weekends! I LOVE to find small businesses that run in the small amount of spare time the owners have, just because they love to do it! I meet with my bride again on Saturday, for our monthly meeting. I will post again then and include some pictures of the reception venue as well!

Have a great rest of the week!


My 1st Tablescape!

I wanted to do a baby shower for my first theme...and I love the pink and yellow together. I learned a lot of IMPORTANT lessons from this tablescape! First, don't try to do anything like this at 8pm! Although I had some really bright spotlights, the natural sunlight would have been 100x's better! Second, I think I may need a professional photographer to work with on these projects! My $100 digital camera didn't exactly do what I wanted it to. And last, my table needs MORE!

So...here are the photos that I chose to show off! I'm very proud of these table features!

       loved these "lemonade" flavor candies!

       marshmallow pops w/ mango juice!

       pink pails with soap and lotion - party favors!

        My 1st Tablescape!



After about 10 revisions, Jenni and I finalized the logo!
Thanks to Jenni @ www.sugapink.com!


Welcome to LF Events!

Hi! I've decided to take steps towards my dream job, and this is part one.
I'm becoming a MOMpreneur! I'm a wife, mom of 3, work a coporate-world job and want to explore this dream and see where it goes.

Just 5 days ago, I began to "brand" myself. I ordered business cards off VistaPrint (which I received today!) and selected my blog name. I am currently working on my 1st wedding, for an August 2011 bride and planning a few parties as well.

I've also just discovered an organization called "Wish Upon A Wedding" that I'm hoping to get involved with.
(this is an organization that provides weddings and vow renewals for terminally-ill patients)

I will be working on a few tablescapes in the next few weeks and will post some photo blogs soon!

Thanks for stopping by and check back often!