11th Birthday Party - Tampa Bay Rays & Baseball Theme

The party finally came! It was fun & simple...aside from the limo stealing the show, picking up all the kids & dropping them off at the party! I doubt they even noticed all the little touches I added & had been planning for weeks. That's ok...I just wanted my son to have a great time with his friends, as this was the first party I've created/designed for one of my kids.
Enjoy the pictures!!

...let the party begin!

cookie decorating!

some of the designer cookies!

The Birthday Boy!

a few special mentions...
 ~Ticket invitations designed by magicdesignsusa (found on Etsy) & me!
~Rays printables by Party Dreamz
~Creative inspiration from parties by Couture Parties & Kate

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  1. You did a really good job. It looks like a great party...a total boy party!