I LOVE theme days!

I think they're fun, gives you something to look forward to, 
and also very helpful when blogging!
I've been pondering how to "title" Mondays...and then it hit me! I'm a wedding planner & coordinator. BUT, once you're married, then what? What do you do? I just celebrated my 8th month of marriage, I search online for date ideas (with a toddler close by!) & I look for easy & delicious meals to prepare...you get my drift! 
So, to help me & the brides I may have the priviledge of working with,
Mondays will now be called...

Mondays will include all things that may help any wife! I have one bride right now, who I've become very close with, we've built a friendship as we plan her special & fabulous wedding day! I can only hope after the rings are exchanged, she, along with my future brides, can visit back here & get some helpful tips or even share their own!

I will share links & pictures & recipes & kids stuff...and also my own "Wrap-Up" of my week as a wife! I hope you all find this new "theme" as fun as I do! Even if you're not a wifey - Hopefully you'll find some small parts that can apply, even a simple recipe can come in handy for anyone!

Since this post is quite long...today's post will just be a quick one!

Here's the cologne I bought my man for LOVE day! He really liked the smell, as for me?
I didn't at first, and purely bought it because he wanted it.
A few weeks into it...like 5 uses, I actually like it! You may want to take a sniff*

Make it a wonderful week!

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