Current *LF* Events!

  Hi Everyone!

Last week, I had a LF Events meltdown! I decided I didn't like my logo...and that I needed to recreate myself or just forget this idea altogether!
In the middle of that "mini" crisis, I was planning to meet about 20 crafty, creative, & fun ladies in Orlando...and realized, I had to get my act together! So I did.

*here we all are!*
photo courtesy of: Persona Gift Pail
*top row-from left - Carmen (Pom Flair), Nikki (Great Gatherings), 
Michelle (Crazy for Design), Jennifer (Party Dreamz), 
*bottom row-from left - Kori (Paper & Pigtails), Debra (Titi's Tutu's), Staci (Lizard & Ladybug), Renee (Bee's Knees Creative), Melissa (Truly Chic Inspirations), Me,
Theresa (
Lauren McKinsey), 
Not pictured...Paula (Frog Prince Paperie)
So, after meeting the ladies, I'm completely inspired & ready to recreate LF Events. It's hard work with an (almost) full-time corporate job, a husband, 3 kids, & just to ice the cake, we're moving this weekend, which is long overdue, since we've been living with family for almost a year so my hubs could finish school! Some days, I just can't find 10 minutes to blog or read all my tweets, or Facebook statuses from everyone...I often thought I was alone, until talking to the ladies this past weekend. I know now, some of us share a lot more than our love for entertaining/crafting/planning/styling/etc...!

In the coming weeks, I will be working (with help!) on my new logo. Until then, I will try to blog a bit more & update you on the planning of my 1st client's wedding, which will be in August. I also had to nix the big 32 party, as my birthday falls right after St. Patty's Day & a handful of my friends seem to be full of plans already. So, I will do something simple with the other handful of friends, perhaps a fun pool party! I may have to hire on some of my new party friends for decor & fun sweet treats!! How exciting!
That's all for now! Go visit my party friends' pages & leave them some love! And check back with me as I embark on a new adventure...with lots of fun along the way!

Make it a wonderful week!!


  1. Excited about your new upcoming logo. Also, very happy to hear I might see you on the blog, twitter, FB world A little more ;)

  2. Yay!!! I'm so glad you were inspired. That's the "real" purpose behind meeting together as women. And you are definitely not alone in trying to juggle it all. *wink*

  3. Thanks for blogging about our fabulous meeting! I think I was just as inspired as you were! And, I can totally relate to balancing a full-time job, family, moving, etc! You are not alone :)