What I've been up to!

Hi Friends!
Lately, I've been super busy with some LFE related stuff & some personal fun!

Over the holiday weekend...I made a 5 layer rainbow cake along w/ homemade butter cream! I think it turned out GREAT for my first attempt. I was practicing for my daughter's birthday party in 3 weeks...but I actually didn't like the "look" of the cake & so I'm not going to do it for her party!
My kids DID love the cake & it's almost gone!

So, like I said, I've been working on major planning & details for my daughter's 2nd birthday, on the 25th! Of course, she isn't nearly as concerned as I am, but I want everything to look perfect...so I have 3 separate lists to work from. The "to-buy" list, the "to-make" list, & then the "i-wish" list! Last night, I made a mini-cake topper bunting! I am so proud of it...& it was so easy! I will share all those details soon enough!

And last, I'm working on a 3-day extravaganza party for my best friend. It's 3 days, in another city, no details spared! I'm getting more & more excited about the details & planning! (good thing I'm invited!!)
Here's a picture of the resort & spa we're going to stay at!

So, that's about it...for now! More to come soon!

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